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Pink Tourist cards are valid for US residents traveling to Cuba from (or through) the US. They are not valid for individuals born in Cuba.


Cuba requires that all arriving travelers have a Tourist Card or Visa to enter the country. This visa is to be purchased for all non-Cuban born travelers that are traveling under one of the 12 permitted categories. There are two documents you must have to travel to Cuba, a passport and the tourist card. *Please do not detach the two separate sides. Customs in Cuba is responsible for this.

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344 reviews for Pink Tourist Card

  1. Lauren Litton

    I swear whether you’re exploring a vibrant city or soaking up the natural beauty of a new destination, a tourist card is your passport to unforgettable experiences. Thank you for catering my needs!

  2. Jason Coker

    Tourist cards are an absolute game-changer for travelers! They offer incredible value and convenience.

  3. Lynda Bernard

    They use tracked shipping to ensure reliable shipping via UPS/USPS

  4. Alvin Denyon

    Say goodbye to long lines and hello to hassle-free adventure with a tourist card in hand! Many thanks online tourist card!

  5. Robert Robles

    Those traveling from the USA or are a US national needs a Pink Card as per updated policy

  6. Michael Mikula

    Really appreciate all the efforts that went through for my order

  7. James Markey

    Buying in advance save you money, time, and the hassle of figuring out logistics at the airport. Highly recommended for every traveler!

  8. Gina Senatus

    I hope they continue to serve such commendable service

  9. Nancy Corrao

    If you’re looking to make your vacation stress-free and budget-friendly, a tourist card is the way to go. The price of the card may not be everybody’s preference but still it is very convenient.

  10. Amy Bowman Myers OBrien

    You get to see and do so much while saving money –for ordering in advance. No need to worry before the flight!

  11. Alexandra Canavos

    It’s like having your travel genie granting you access to Cuba! I am very excited to use the card for my trip

  12. Jeffrey Lopez

    We can enjoy incredible experiences without worrying about overspending in our tourist card.

  13. Brandi Shelton

    Tourist cards are a traveler’s best friend. They simplify everything. It is needed for entry to Cuba hence I decided to get one

  14. Nicholas Dhillon

    They make your journey smoother, more enjoyable. It one part is for entry and other part is for exit so it is important to keep it

  15. Colin Canavan

    These websites make it possible to explore, experience, and enjoy destinations without straining your finances for requirements

  16. Clyde Canino

    It’s a win for your wallet and group incase you order from this website

  17. Stanley Cutts

    I can’t wait to use my order

  18. Mustafa Yilmaz

    Traveling on a budget is easier than ever thanks to affordable services. The shipping option also came in two options so it gave us travellers more choices.

  19. Daniel Senatus

    Highly recommended

  20. Jenifer Madson

    They help us stretch our travel budget further. I saved on shipping costs and its really reasonable

  21. Clarissa Calhoun

    The customer services person was so helpful! Its also nice that the company offers multiple modes of payment for orders.

  22. Pietro Sacchini

    Didn’t need to buy an insurance but glad to see there’s an option for it

  23. Diana Rodriguez

    They have FAQ’s tab and we can contact customer service too

  24. Ah-Janai Hudson

    I look forward to ordering and traveling with this business again soon.

  25. Robert Gagliardi

    The card grants a single entry to the country as per instructions on the card

  26. Anne M Smith

    Provides excellent service and email now and then.

  27. Elizabeth Schuldt

    Efficient communication and a really easy way to place an order

  28. Hitesh Parmar

    Even if there was trouble with UPS, glad that the customer service was quick to process a refund and address my concerns. Maybe in another time I can use the service

  29. Angelica Vega

    They were on time and finished the job as stated

  30. Charles Flynn

    I highly recommend this business

  31. Yanick StFleur

    The team are really informed and provides additional effort. I would recommend them unreservedly.

  32. Ed Friedman

    Quick service & very trustworthy. Worked with this company to order my cards and I received all of them in good condition.

  33. Patricia Jackson

    Tourist Card was shipped empty as per customer service for faster delivery time.

  34. Katie Crull

    We’ve been placing large orders for our organization and this website has been such a great help to us and our beneficiaries. We look forward to more cooperation and more blessings!

  35. Rodney Dada

    I like the service. No problems when ordering and it was delivered fast

  36. Giovanna De Goes

    We appreciate your hard work! Highly recommend service

  37. Aisha Ato

    There were no hidden fees. It was a great availing the service

  38. Marjorie Rosalie

    Looked for the best affordable rates. So far, this one is the most economic in my situation

  39. Kendra McKenzie

    I received updates regarding my order and got them within the week.

  40. Rolando Suarez

    shipped my order precisely.

  41. Tai Pham

    I saved a lot for placing a group order

  42. Madison Byrd

    Its a nice experience ordering from this website as a solo traveler

  43. Colleen Gilligan

    no further worries needed

  44. Pilar Guerrero

    offers simple process and tracked delivery

  45. Thomas D’Alessandro Jr

    I am now very excited for my trip

  46. Daniel Yankelevits

    I ordered two cards and I received them all good

  47. Elysia Perez

    Looking forward to use the card on my travels

  48. Robert Novak

    I am really glad I ordered here. No doubt many travelers order their cards from you.

  49. Eileen C. Quintana

    This is waaay waay cheaper compared to other websites I swear! Glad I saw this page

  50. Matthew Roseborough

    I suggest more information on the page regarding Cuba. Even a mini blog about it will do!

  51. Thomas Mirenda

    convenient page. Easy check out and delivers within 1-5 days

  52. Robert Rieders

    Card is shipped blank so it is shipper faster

  53. Jaron Weston

    The card is one of the requirements to Cuba so its nice to see website that offers services like this.

  54. Ayesha Bynum

    its really helpful ordering in advance and your page is such a great help to me

  55. Joseph Alford

    a very nice and efficient customer service

  56. Tyler Jones

    This website is so far the most affordable and reasonable page on the web that offers good service. I am now looking forward to my trip.

  57. Phil Dupre

    The card came in blank and there’s a paper slip for instructions. Simple and easy to understand.

  58. Gabriela Cruz

    no need to worry with delivery. UPS is so helpful

  59. Anne Mendelsohn

    Shipping can be 1-2 days or 3-7 days. A good option i must say

  60. Susan Lyons

    Awesome! I suggest placing more details on FAQs regarding the trip as well the same with Easy Tourist Card Page I saw on the web

  61. Anabel Wilgermein

    I am so happy with my purchase

  62. Nikos Michelis

    easy process and fast delivery

  63. susan barber

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  64. Greg Bolen

    Affordable and offers two kinds of shipping

  65. Elina Novikov

    I received the card on time and there’s no damage.

  66. Gregory Letsche

    I was searching for the FAQs tab only to see it at the top part of the page. I must say that was my blind spot

  67. Israel Chagolla

    I can really suggest ordering here.

  68. Rachida Hassaine

    shipping fee was quite expensive for a single order but still worth it

  69. Divina Valdes

    helpful! I am very excited for my trip

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    good seller response

  71. Christian Hinojosa

    awesome service

  72. Yaser Roumani

    I saw that some blogs have their affiliate links to this website and it is very helpful

  73. Bryce Jacks

    please read before you place your order. Cards are shipped empty and an instruction slip was given

  74. Jennifer Moubray


  75. Marina Dedlovskaya

    Very response to queries and sends an update via email

  76. Omer Can Palaz

    The site is very simple and understandable. They only ship to US so I suggest for those who wants to order internationally, there is Easy Tourist Card on the web

  77. Jessica Mendelsohn

    I can highly recommend this. It is quite pricey for a single traveller esp the shipping fee but overall it is really convenient and less trouble

  78. Charles Robbins

    I ordered from this website as we collaborate with Filter of Hope works to promote clean water and gospel to people. It is a really beneficial and good cause for us who usually travel to help others.

  79. Alia Hakim

    awesome and really quick service

  80. Stephanie Snyder

    Hello there,
    My experience with this website was good. The process is easy. No other distractions on the page.

  81. Katie Crull

    Let’s support this website. It collaborates and donates to NGOs that do work in Cuba. Filter of Hope works to promote clean water and gospel to people.

  82. Cynthia Burrus-Shaw

    I didn’t see that they offer travel insurance on their homepage and I was amazed during check out. Convenience at its best!

  83. Robert Rennebaum

    I greatly appreciate online applications like this. It makes life simpler.

  84. Sacha Hemenway

    I hope in the future, there would be a section on the page regarding OFAC categories and the list of requirements to enter.

  85. Nancy Corporon

    Cuba specialist was quick to respond on email and sends update regarding the order.

  86. Stephen Snedden

    New info: card does not have any expiration so anyone can order in advance.

  87. Craig Steichen

    They ship blank cards! I wasn’t able to read through the FAQs, so we manually fill in the information indicated on the visa as it is on the passport.

  88. Katie Finn

    Got my card!

  89. Aquila Roberts

    My order was shipped the same day I placed them. I received them earlier than I expected

  90. James Wagner

    the visa was sent securely and I received an email for the tracking number

  91. Sheila Jewart

    I compared multiple websites and this is the most economical of them all. I saved a lot especially on shipping costs.

  92. Kwesi Capps

    I’m a repeat customer of this company already. I already did multiple orders and your services never failed me. Glad that the service is consistent and very active.

  93. Moises Valverde

    Thank you!! This is really helpful. I don’t want to risk the chances of buying my visa at the airport.

  94. Ferdiane Cadet

    Really ideal and suitable website for someone who orders for a group of people. We saved a lot on costs and the visas were received within 3-7 days.

  95. Joe Tan

    Customer service was really active and accommodates my queries. kudos!

  96. Fernando Torres

    just the usual travel website where you get your tourist card. I hope to see more information regarding Cuba requirements etc

  97. Terri Keeney

    Fast shipment

  98. Ann Littleton

    I decided to get my tourist card here as it is much affordable compared to other websites and it really has good service.

  99. Robert Perez

    good quality card

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    I got my card here and it arrived on time.

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    I like this website! Offers easy check out process and insurance as well.

  102. cathy Eaton

    the price is much better taking into account I can order in advance

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    offers the convenience and hassle free processing for tourist card. Glad I won’t need to buy at the airport

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    this definitely fits solo traveler like me that plans the trip singlehandedly

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    it is also important to take note of other requirements such as passport validity, hotel accommodations, etc.

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    so glad my order arrived on time just prior my trip!

  112. Elysia Perez

    Waiting to see the response time for customer service.

    • Page Administrator

      Hello Elysia,

      Kindly check your email for our response regarding your concern. Thank you for your time.

  113. Michael Male Jr

    wholesome website. My order was shipped minutes after placing one.

  114. Charlotte Dawes

    I would love to travel again and buy from this company. The card was used well and it is very useful

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    probably one of the most active customer service. The response is very timely and assists customers really well

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    so the card came as one piece but it can be teared into 2 parts one is for entry and one is for exit

  119. Jason Coker

    to think that it was this easy ordering a tourist card.

  120. Jason Kudary

    order is received.

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    I’m glad to order from this page. I’ll order here if ever I travel to Cuba again.

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    This is such a gem! affordable, easy check out, and needless to say the fast delivery it offers. Saw that it has standard and expedited option too.

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    We couldn’t be happier with service provided by onlinetouristcard. They take the anxst and confusion completely away and leave you with very precise, clear, easy step by step instructions. It’s like having a good friend hold your hand the entire time, and for the piece of mind it’s worth every dollar!

  327. Patrick S. Cook

    Lightening speed service!

    I literally mean it. You guys rock. Always at service, even after working hours. Got my tourist card in 48 hours, which is simply amazing.

  328. Bruce Washer


    Hi, this is Andy. Thnx a lot for helping my when I need it badly. You made my trip possible. See you again soon.

  329. Craig Moore

    One of my go to peeps.

    Thanks for your great service time and again! Prompt replies to my queries by polite staff. Got the work done in 48 hours and that too at low service charges. Will surely recommend.

  330. Alyssa R. Andre

    Super happy with the service.

    Prompt service and helpful staff. Just the way I wanted it to be. Hassle free. Thnx. Will surely contact again when needed.

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    Great service at best price

    Hi, this is Tom. Cant thank you enough for helping me. I needed touristcard urgently as I had to attend a family function. You made it possible for me to meet enjoy with my family. Thnx a lot.

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    Reliable and fast service!

    Got my tourist card in 24 hrs! Super happy with the service. Thnx Dan for you support. Will surely recommend to my friends and family. Keep up the good work!

  333. Leslie H. Swoope

    A good experience

    All staff at Boundless have been quick and responsive to my inquiries. They have been helpful and a pleasure to work with. I received my tourist card 3 days after ordering it.

  334. Beverly F. Carlson

    Fast delivery

    I was in urgent need of a Tourist Card to enter Cuba. I ordered before noon (I live in Miami) with overnight delivery, and received my Tourist Card the very next day. Great experience. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  335. Marcy R. Marvin

    Excellent service from Dan

    Excellent service from Dan. Always answers all of my questions, and makes me feel at ease. She is always very responsive, and is making my Cuba Tourist card purchase a lot easier. Thank you so much Tammy, for all of the help you have given me. I really appreciate it.

  336. Camille C. Whitt

    Very Helpful and fast response online

    Very Helpful and fast response online. Always answer my chat requests during working hours and very good service. They answered every question I had. I had zero concerns during the process. I will really recommend this company and thank you guys for your work!!!

  337. John R. Babin

    Fast and detailed responses

    Fast and detailed responses. Reduces any anxiety we have about the process. Tammy was the agent that helped me, she was great.

  338. Peter E. Pilcher


    Hi, mi name is Diego, i was talking with Tammy and she was very good helping me with all my questions, if you need support with your Cuba Tourist Card application, this is the right place, the chat support is the best…thanks Diego

  339. John B. Vasquez

    We couldn’t be happier with service…

    We couldn’t be happier with service provided by onlinetouristcard. They take the anxst and confusion completely away and leave you with very precise, clear, easy step by step instructions. It’s like having a good friend hold your hand the entire time, and for the piece of mind it’s worth every dollar!

  340. Darlene M. Morgan

    I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about you people when starting, but the first phone call took all my apprehension away. The staff at onlinetouristcard answered all my queries patiently and helped me with paperwork. Within 3 days, I got my card!. Thnx

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    Hi, Pat here. I needed to enter Cuba urgently for a business meeting. The time given by other services were too long and price quoted too high. You guys did it for me in no time and save me some money also.

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    Helpful service!

    Being a frequent traveler, my search is over. Terrific service! Hope to work with you soon. Thnx Dan.

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    i must say im quite impressed with this website. my order was processed same day as I placed it
    Thank you so much!

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