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Pink Tourist cards are valid for US residents traveling to Cuba from (or through) the US. They are not valid for individuals born in Cuba.


Cuba requires that all arriving travelers have a Tourist Card or Visa to enter the country. This visa is to be purchased for all non-Cuban born travelers that are traveling under one of the 12 permitted categories. There are two documents you must have to travel to Cuba, a passport and the tourist card. *Please do not detach the two separate sides. Customs in Cuba is responsible for this.

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125 reviews for Pink Tourist Card

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    We couldn’t be happier with service provided by onlinetouristcard. They take the anxst and confusion completely away and leave you with very precise, clear, easy step by step instructions. It’s like having a good friend hold your hand the entire time, and for the piece of mind it’s worth every dollar!

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    A good experience

    All staff at Boundless have been quick and responsive to my inquiries. They have been helpful and a pleasure to work with. I received my tourist card 3 days after ordering it.

  116. Beverly F. Carlson

    Fast delivery

    I was in urgent need of a Tourist Card to enter Cuba. I ordered before noon (I live in Miami) with overnight delivery, and received my Tourist Card the very next day. Great experience. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  117. Marcy R. Marvin

    Excellent service from Dan

    Excellent service from Dan. Always answers all of my questions, and makes me feel at ease. She is always very responsive, and is making my Cuba Tourist card purchase a lot easier. Thank you so much Tammy, for all of the help you have given me. I really appreciate it.

  118. Camille C. Whitt

    Very Helpful and fast response online

    Very Helpful and fast response online. Always answer my chat requests during working hours and very good service. They answered every question I had. I had zero concerns during the process. I will really recommend this company and thank you guys for your work!!!

  119. John R. Babin

    Fast and detailed responses

    Fast and detailed responses. Reduces any anxiety we have about the process. Tammy was the agent that helped me, she was great.

  120. Peter E. Pilcher


    Hi, mi name is Diego, i was talking with Tammy and she was very good helping me with all my questions, if you need support with your Cuba Tourist Card application, this is the right place, the chat support is the best…thanks Diego

  121. John B. Vasquez

    We couldn’t be happier with service…

    We couldn’t be happier with service provided by onlinetouristcard. They take the anxst and confusion completely away and leave you with very precise, clear, easy step by step instructions. It’s like having a good friend hold your hand the entire time, and for the piece of mind it’s worth every dollar!

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